Bella's Bday Bash Exclusives 3 Items

Shop some of Bella's favorite things! Our new Limited Edition Charms for Bella's birthday are only available while supplies last now through June 17!


Charms 74 Items

Find the meaningful, darling new Charm that represents your story and add it to your Living Locket.


Living Lockets 13 Items

Choose a one-of-a-kind keepsake with these Living Lockets that will house all of those special memories.


Chains 10 Items

Find a beautiful range of delicate and versatile Chains in different lengths you can customize for effortless styling, and that offer sophisticated texture and sparkle to your Living Locket®.


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Shop our collection of must-have necklaces, perfect for layering! Create a look that’s all YOU with our trendy statement pieces, necklaces to uplift and inspire, and signature pieces you’ll love for everyday wear!


Pendants 4 Items

Wear one of our stunning Pendants on your favorite Chain to reflect your style and create a meaningful gift for yourself or a loved one. {They’re perfect for layering with your favorite Living Locket®, too!}


Charm Bracelet + Charm Pendants 10 Items

Get wrapped up in our NEW! Charm Pendant Bracelet + Charm Pendants.


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Layer on what you love with our Watches and Bracelets.


Bangles 1 Items

Treat yourself to an arm full of happy and a side of inspiration with our Bangle bracelets. Create an arm party by layering these Bangles with your Signature Living Locket® Watch and Leather Wrap Bracelet looks.


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